Travel Diary

luxury hotel in front of l'ile de la citΓ©

In the heart of Paris

Under the Pont-Neuf flows the Seine. In the heart of the City of Light, a few steps away from the Louvre and the Marais, in front of the Left Bank, rises Cheval Blanc Paris with majesty.

parisian luxury interior from cheval blanc lvmh

Art & Design

A wealth of textures, shapes and fabrics. A kaleidoscope of golds and colours. A collection of works of art, bespoke pieces and curiosities found here and there. The spirit of Cheval Blanc Paris, interpreted by architect Peter Marino.

lvmh hotel : cheval blanc

To authentic Parisians only

More than just an address, more than just a destination. Cheval Blanc Paris cultivates a bold and epicurean spirit. A character which ignites the senses, holds time and creates enduring memories. Here, a voluptuous haven where to indulge in kindness and sensoriality. There, a gourmet terrace overlooking the Parisian panorama. To vibrant desires, to sparkles of life, to authentic Parisians only.

lvmh hotel : cheval blanc at la samaritaine

Friends and families as one

To the friends that turned into family, to the dreams that turned into reality. The secret streets, majestic avenues and countryside escapes are calling...

luxury exclusive parisian experience

Exclusive events

Oenological initiations facing the Seine, four-handed symphonies orchestrated by starred Chefs, sartorial wellness rendez-vous. The spirit of Paris beats to the rhythm of unpublished invitations staged by Cheval Blanc.

Glimpses of Paris