Rooms & Suites

With only 72 rooms and suites, Cheval Blanc Paris is a confidential haven where lovers, families and friends meet. Seize the day overlooking the scenic panorama, bite in a warm croissant just out of the oven, sink into the foam of a delicately scented bath, capture the soul of Paris from your winter garden.

exclusive luxury parisian bedrooms
  • luxury Rooms

    The spirit de Paris, a blissful evidence. Over a stopover in the heart of the City of Light, bustling, living.

  • luxury Art & Design

    Art DΓ©co inspirations, contemporary interpretations. The Parisian art of living, bold and delicate.

  • luxury Suites

    Overlooking the Seine, flying over the Parisian scenery. From Notre-Dame to the Eiffel Tower, the ballet of strollers from the first balcony.

  • parisian Majordome Service

    Discreet, subtle, delicate. In the cocoon of each room, an attentive and dedicated Majordome stages delightful attentions throughout the stay.

  • cheval blanc Apartment

    A sublime invitation to discover the City of Light in all its glow and glory. The quintessential Parisian escape.

  • Hidden away from the eyes of others - experience Exclusive Privacy by Cheval Blanc.

    Confidential locales, sumptuous rooms for ultimate relaxation, moments to gather the thoughts. Cheval Blanc presents a signature Exclusive Privacy celebrated at each Maison for seekers of those hard-to-get tastes of serenity.

    Glimpses of Paris