The first pages are currently being drafted. The caring and dedicated Ambassadeurs of Cheval Blanc Paris are already day-dreaming about designing a most exquisite stay full of discoveries and touching new emotions to share.

journey To authentic Parisians only

To authentic Parisians only

More than just an address, more than just a destination. Cheval Blanc Paris cultivates a bold and epicurean spirit. A character which ignites the senses, holds time and creates enduring memories. Here, a voluptuous haven where to indulge in kindness and sensoriality. There, a gourmet terrace overlooking the Parisian panorama. To vibrant desires, to sparkles of life, to authentic Parisians only.

Le Carrousel

Le Carrousel

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Le Carrousel, a playful cocoon staged by passionate sailor Maud Fontenoy...

From Paris with love

From Paris, with love

Stroll along the banks of the Seine, get lost in the narrow streets of the Marais, revel in the Parisian way of life, swing to the rhythm of the effervescent atmosphere, embrace the city with your eyes.

Family-trip at Cheval Blanc Paris hotel

Friends and families as one

To the friends that turned into family, to the dreams that turned into reality. The secret streets, majestic avenues and countryside escapes are calling...

Exceptional Holidays At The Cheval Blanc Paris Hotel

The Art of Emotion: signature inspirations by Cheval Blanc

Holidays are never the same. Coaxing smiles, kindling sparks, surprising and delighting. Cheval Blanc's passionate Ambassadeurs dedicate their craft to designing a most exquisite stay full of discoveries, and touching new emotions.


Glimpses of Paris