The delicacy of flavours

At Cheval Blanc Paris, facing the Seine, the epitome of taste takes on a new dimension with Maxime Frédéric’s arrival as Pastry Chef of the Maison.

Cheval Blanc Paris hotel, facing the Seine
Maxime Frédéric at Cheval Blanc Paris

Flying to delicacy

Grandson of a dairy farmer, Maxime Frédéric deploys indulgent creations from breakfast to dinner, always in the spirit of his Norman heritage. Contemporary compositions and aerial harmonies of flavours are orchestrated with Chef Arnaud Donckele, whose poetry resonates with Maxime's creativity and savoir-faire.

Hand in hand, the culinary history of Cheval Blanc Paris is written by a pair of two.

Arnaud Donckele and Maxime Frédéric

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