Wellness & Relaxation

Seconds turn to hours, hours turn to days. Rejuvenation, relaxation and revitalisation beckon the weary and wanting to wellness at Cheval Blanc St-Barth.

  • Slow to the pace of the Caribbean. Let the face and body feel the energy from the sea, sand and sun. Indulge completely in rituals designed individually.

  • Holiday blues, redefined. Diving, sunning, floating, lounging like every day is a holiday.

  • Test limits, push boundaries. Get active at the Maison's Fitness Studio. Low key or high-intensity. Level-up or power down.

  • An invitation to indulge in Cheval Blanc's iconic Art de Recevoir - the art of welcoming. 

    Bountiful kind thoughts are sprinkled throughout every stay. With an exceptionally personalised and caring approach, service is tailored according to each wish.

    The Maison's specially trained Alchemists weave dreams full of surprise and delight for true moments of repose.

    Glimpses of St-Barth