The art of wine

At Cheval Blanc Paris, sommellerie becomes an art when it comes to delighting the taste buds and finding the perfect match.

Wine cellar of Plénitude
Emmanuel Cadieu, Wine Director

The different dishes served at the restaurants of Cheval Blanc Paris are accompanied by a wine list crafted by Wine Director, Emmanuel Cadieu, and his team. Indulge in a knowledgeable blend of exceptional heritage wines and undiscovered gems sourced from all regions of the world.

In addition to wine, their expertise extends to the realms of Sake, Cider, and spirits, which they are delighted to share daily at the tables of the four restaurants.

The sommelier team

Their inclination towards all styles of wine allows them to support small winemakers and satisfy all palates at Cheval Blanc Paris. This is also evidenced by their regular visits to vineyards with their team of sommeliers to meet the men and women who work on the creation of these exceptional bottles.


With their professions, their know-how, and their passions, the sommeliers of Cheval Blanc Paris are the bearers of this continuous learning cycle and the facilitators of this quest for excellence.

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