A gastronomic immersion into ritualised Japan.


Four-hands cooking

Hakuba, under the guidance of chef Arnaud Donckele, is the result of a collaboration with chef Takuya Watanabe and a sweet conversation with chef Maxime Frédéric.

The Omakase menus

The Omakase menus - meaning "leave it to the chef" - reflect Takuya Watanabe's desire to offer the best of Japanese gastronomy. Arnaud Donckele, with his expertise in sauces, seeks to enhance flavours to punctuate the experience.

Broths, sushi, raw or caramelised fish, soba, finger lime, a myriad of ingredients and textures come together to create a delicate Omakase menu.

Japanese naturalness

The setting interprets a contemporary vision of Japanese tradition. From the entrance, the Tsukubai stone and bamboo fountain diffuse the murmuring of flowing water, dark woods such as black walnut and other rare essences with warm tones serve as symbolic reminders of the Japanese forest.

The art of the table embraces the codes of ancestral craftsmanship, such as linen outfit, creating a signature for the place to provide a unique and memorable dining experience.

Glimpses of Paris