Culinary Arts

Artful and purely delicious. Chef Yann Vinsot and his team present refined menus from dawn to dusk, inspired by the sun.

  • Elegant, nourishing and highlighting the season’s best ingredients, La Case de l'Isle presents the day as a journey from a French boulangerie breakfast, to an al-fresco lunch on the Italian Riviera to an evening of traditional French refinement.

  • Shaken, stirred, blended, infused. The White Bar presents a menu inspired by the breathtaking views it overlooks.

  • Perfect-packed picnics, serendipitous beach picnics or intimate dinner cruises for two - no matter the challenge, Chef Yann Vinsot and his passionate team design culinary wonders for every moment.

  • Celebrating a Cheval Blanc sense of Craftsmanship

    Every Maison celebrates ultimate craftsmanship by each of our talented Ambassadeurs. From our dedicated chefs, to our knowledgeable sommeliers, to our detailed-driven Majordomes, every moment is always carefully considered and thoughtfully executed.

    Glimpses of St-Barth