Run further, lift harder, stretch deeper, balance longer. The indoor and outdoor fitness area features Technogym equipment and the attentive services of expert coaches for a dynamic stopover in the Mediterranean.


Fitness Area

For your cardio sessions, our indoor and outdoor fitness area offers treadmills, fitness bike, peloton bike, elyptic and mountain climber.

For a dynamic weight training session, find a NOHrD Wall, a smith machine, benches and free weights.

The fitness area welcomes you every day 24/7.

Personalised Coaching

Specialised in physical and mental training, our coach Benjamin accompanies you in the pursuit and overcoming of your objectives. Thanks to his attentive listening, he will identify your strengths and weaknesses, to enable you to transform your actions into success and guide you towards physical and emotional balance.

The coaching sessions can be done individually or in group, occasionally or as part of a custom-made fitness programme or one of our signature cures.

Weekly Sports Calendar

For a dynamic summer, discover the daily sports activities orchestrated by the Cheval Blanc Spa and coach Benjamin.

Monday: Muscular Wake-up Call facing the sea

Tuesday: Pilates

Wednesday: Running

Thursday: Qi Gong

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Walk on the Costal Path

Sunday: Pilates

All our activities can be adapted to your needs and preferences.

The Spa Beauty Experts and the Concierges are at your disposal for any information or reservation requests.

Cheval Blanc St-Tropez Club

Exclusivity in the heart of the Riviera

Enter the exclusivity of Cheval Blanc St-Tropez as a member of the Club.

Benefit from a dedicated coach, personalised training sessions, a sun lounger on our private beach and all the services of the Maison.


Chloé Robin

Spa Manager

04 94 55 91 00


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