Sports & Recreation

We like to move it. Whether it's playtime in the hills, sand or sea - there's always something for everyone.

Sports & Recreation

All about the big blue

Sandy skin and salt on tongue-tips. A world unknown awaits under the azure. Snorkel a little, paddle a little, sail a little, play a lot. Rediscover the wild side with a kaleidoscope of activities to enjoy the waters of Flamands Bay.

Sailing boat Caribbean

Zip, run, climb

Be queen of the rock. Be king of a hidden oasis. Dive from heights, climb across volcanic rocks. St-Barth is a playground for the curious to discover that spark inside once more.

Fitness & Yoga

Hearts pumping, minds clear. Breathe in the sweet taste of an endless weekend, breathe out adventure. Fitness friends, meditation masters, asana amateurs alike. Perfect the practice in the heart of the Caribbean.

Glimpses of St-Barth