Wellness from inside

Athlete or epicure, this Well-being Escape offers privileged moments to reconnect with your body with a new blissful energy. Happiness as the first key to get your immune system back on track.

Cheval Blanc Spa
Le Triptyque restaurant

Get your inner body a treat

It's time to reenergise your body and boost your immune system, trust us — it will repay you in spades. So here is the agenda for this reinvigorating day at the Cheval Blanc Spa by Guerlain: kick off with a one-hour session of Pilates and respiratory exercices, followed by the Body Sculpt Treatment to stimulate your nervous system and a delicious lunch based on the ingredients that will set your immune system back as new. And to keep the energy flowing, the Black Impérial treatment will give strengh and light back to your face. You are now ready to face the challenges of winter.



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