Let your dreams unfold

Men's day

Sleepless night or restful reunion, either way, be ready for a sparkling day.
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Glamour in Courchevel

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be pampered from head to toe...
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To new beginnings

Laying on your fouta towel or savouring a Caribbean brunch, either way, this new year will shake up your habits.
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A confidential band performance

Surprise party or a romantic dinner, either way get the band playing all for yourself.
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Get your day off to a good start

Early birds or late night owls, start a new day off with a wellness ritual.
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Wellness from inside

Athlete or epicure, make sure to get your immune system back on track.
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A sensory journey

Fast paced or easygoing, take a day to explore all of your senses.
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Alone or with company, either way, discover all of Cheval Blanc Paris facets during an interlude of wellness and indulgence.
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