Let your dreams unfold

Timeless memories

Here or at home, either way, carry the island wherever you go.
Timeless memories Read

Men's day

Sleepless night or restful reunion, either way, be ready for a sparkling day.
Men's day Read

La vie en rose

Woody or floral scents, either way, let us suprise you with this singular olfactory and sensorial adventure.
La vie en rose Read

The secrets of Art Deco

Fan of Art Deco architecture or keen on History, either way, be prepared for a day full of discoveries.
The secrets of Art Deco Read

Glamour in Courchevel

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be pampered from head to toe...
Glamour in Courchevel Read

The art of DJing

Music lover or just want to unveil the secrets of mixing, either way, share an enchanting moment with a professional DJ.
The art of DJing Read

To new beginnings

Laying on your fouta towel or savouring a Caribbean brunch, either way, this new year will shake up your habits.
To new beginnings Read

Private Caribbean escape

Extraordinary activities or Caribbean comfort, either way, we will make you feel at home at the Villa de France.
Private Caribbean escape Read

Discover the ocean from above

From the cockpit or the backseat, either way, get to enjoy the dreamy view over the lagoon.
Discover the ocean from above Read

Pétanque and chill

All-time bowlers or Sunday easy rollers, the iconic playground of St-Tropez is ready for some serious contest of pétanque and chill.
Pétanque and chill Read

A confidential band performance

Surprise party or a romantic dinner, either way get the band playing all for yourself.
A confidential band performance Read

Fly like a bird

On your bucket list or not, either way, you will be left you speechless.
Fly like a bird Read

Make new underwater encounters

Thrill lover or simply curious, either way, be prepared for a breathtaking experience.
Make new underwater encounters Read

Get your day off to a good start

Early birds or late night owls, start a new day off with a wellness ritual.
Get your day off to a good start Read

Unwind on a sandbank

Feel the soft breeze through your hair or the sand between your toes, either way, get close to nirvana.
Unwind on a sandbank Read

Get out of your shell

Great adventurer or ocean lover, either way, be ready to experience the unknown.
Get out of your shell Read

Get behind the bar

Sweet or sour, the world of cocktails won't hold any secrets for you any more.
Get behind the bar Read

Shake up old traditions

On the stern or by the beach, either way, we guarantee you extraordinary festivities.
Shake up old traditions Read

The kitchen is all yours

Veteran cook or food lovers, enjoy this full-day immersion into the day of a Chef.
The kitchen is all yours Read

Capture the moment

By the pool or under the palm trees, create wonderful memories that will last forever.
Capture the moment Read

Take the high road

From the heights or the open sea, either way, we will make sure you get the best view.
Take the high road Read

A treasure yet to be found

Dilettante explorers or reckless treasure hunters, either way, we have a quest up to your thirst for adventure.
A treasure yet to be found Read

Head in the clouds

Clear sky or snowy landscape, either way, Mont-Blanc will no longer have any secrets for you.
Head in the clouds Read

In the kitchen garden

Green thumb or veggie lover, either way, learn about harvesting the region's fruits and vegetables.
In the kitchen garden Read

Keep the flame burning

Flamed delicacies or fiery aperitifs, either way, none of your senses will be left unexplored.
Keep the flame burning Read

Wellness from inside

Athlete or epicure, make sure to get your immune system back on track.
Wellness from inside Read

A journey into vintage wines

Glass half full or half empty, you will savor this evening of fine wine tasting.
A journey into vintage wines Read

Leave your mark

First-timer or confirmed snow rider, either way, be the very first to slide down the slopes.
Leave your mark Read

Own the ocean

Professional wave rider or adrenaline seeker, either way, be ready to get wet.
Own the ocean Read

Under the Provençal sun

Swim in one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast or try the local specialities, either way, immerse into the Mediterranean lifestyle.
Under the Provençal sun Read

Gone fishing

First catch or umpteenth trophy, fishing will soon no longer hold any secret for you.
Gone fishing Read

An icy afternoon

Creative genius or budding artist, either way, let your imagination unfold.
An icy afternoon Read

A sensory journey

Fast paced or easygoing, take a day to explore all of your senses.
A sensory journey Read

Float over the mountains

From above or below the clouds, either way, the snowy panoramas of the Alps will leave you speechless.
Float over the mountains Read


Alone or with company, either way, discover all of Cheval Blanc Paris facets during an interlude of wellness and indulgence.
Me-time Read

Paris behind the scenes

Poetic soul or romantic at heart, either way, get lost in the magic city of love.
Paris behind the scenes Read

Awaken your taste buds

Little chefs or great gourmets, either way, we guarantee you an authentic epicurean instant.
Awaken your taste buds Read

Explore new flavours

Epicure or sunset lover, either way, let yourself be taken away by new savours in an exceptional setting.
Explore new flavours Read