The Garden and the Field

Garden Salad - 20€

Lamb’s lettuce, potato, sesame and beetroot vinegar
With an addition of fois gras - 10€

Roasted Cauliflower - 18€

Buckwheat and roasted broth

Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin - 23€

Spelt risotto and sweet onion emulsion

La cuisine boulangère

Vol-au-vent - 48€

Sweetbread and lobster

« Grand Roux Corn » Soufflée Tart - 24€

Beaufort cheese, confit egg yolk, oak leaf lettuce and roasted corn

Soup Covered with Puff Pastry - 28€

Steamed mushrooms and celery

Pont-Neuf Croissant - 25€

Paris white ham, Comté cheese, heart of lettuce

Bakery Desserts

The Cooked Fruit - 16€

The pear "douillon" roasted in crust, vanilla cream

The Tart - 18€

Hazelnut puff tart, celery confit

The Sweet Treat - 16€

Chocolate profiteroles

The Experience - 16€

Chocolate profiteroles

Regional Cheeses - 14€

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